Awakening from the Dream

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Original Release: February, 2011
Format: Mp3 & PDF
Length: 10 hours 32 minutes

Where did the dream we call “Creation” come from? How did it begin? Who are the Original Ones, and who is the eternal dreamer?

“Long have they governed, the Tyrants of Old
Through the rule of their fist did life unfold
Join now the celebration of life set free
From eons of opposition from polarity”

~The Seer Almine, Awakening from the Dream (Day 1)

“But a spot in the Ocean of Infinite Being,
The Cosmos was focused on obsessively
“What am I?” – from this question arose
The Original Ones, gods and goddesses of old”

~The Seer Almine, Awakening from the Dream (Day 13)



The Lemurian Mysticism of Enlightenment

A 24 Day Course in Mp3 & PDF Downloads

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Listen to a 10 minutes audio compilation of different parts of the Awakening from the Dream course to get an idea of the scope and depth of the course:


Where did the dream we call “creation” come from? How did it begin? Who are the original ones, and who is the eternal dreamer? Almine’s Awakening from the Dream online course delves deep into these questions to find understanding about the dream we call our home. From its origins to the illusions that keep it in place, Almine accesses holy libraries and uncovers deep insights into our reality. The second part of the course, the information about the Hamagda, is perhaps among the most profoundly powerful information on this planet, for it deals with the power source of creation itself.

Table of Contents

Book I: The Holy Embodiment

  • Day 1: PDF – Introduction, the Ancient Records Speak pt. 1 + 3 audios
  • Day 2: PDF – The Ancient Records Speak pt. 2 + 3 audios
  • Day 3: PDF – Concepts from the Lemurian Tablets of the Origins of Life + 3 audios
  • Day 4: PDF – The 12 Tones of Transparency, the Flawed Premises of the Foundational Belief Systems + 4 audios
  • Day 5: PDF – Where the Dreaming and Awakening Came From, Poetry of Dreaming + 3 audios
  • Day 6: PDF – The 12 Gates of Dreaming + 3 audios
  • Day 7: PDF – The 12 Gates of Awakening + 2 audios
  • Day 8: PDF – Translations from the Lemurian Tablets of Life and Death – the Origin of the Dream + 3 audios
  • Day 9: PDF – The 7 Programs of Obstruction, the One + 2 audios

Book II: The Hamagda – the Power of the One

  • Day 10: PDF – Understanding the Power Source of Creation – Concepts of the Hamagda pt. 1 and 2 + 2 audios
  • Day 11: PDF – Concepts of the Hamagda pt. 3 + 4 audios
  • Day 12: PDF – Concepts of the Hamagda pt. 4 + 3 audios
  • Day 13: PDF – The Relationship between the Embodiment of the Infinite and Its Shadow, the Cosmos – Concepts of the Hamagda pt. 5 + 3 audios
  • Day 14: PDF – What is Oneness – Concepts of the Hamagda pt. 6 + 2 audios
  • Day 15: PDF – Life in the Shadow + 3 audios
  • Day 16: PDF – The Origin of Potential, the Roles of Gods and Men + 2 audios
  • Day 17: PDF – The Return of the Dragons + 2 audios
  • Day 18: PDF – The Cosmic Child + 3 audios
  • Day 19: PDF – The Origin of Opposites
  • Day 20: Audio – Meditation: 22:18 minutes
  • Day 21: Audio – Meditation: 21:02 minutes
  • Day 22: Audio – Meditation: 20:22 minutes
  • Day 23: Audio – Meditation: 20:32 minutes
  • Day 24: Audio – Closing

The Thought That Fractured the Infinite

This course includes the Seer’s 1 hour 54 minute commentary on The Thought that Fractured the Infinite.

7 reviews for Awakening from the Dream

  1. Dhani (verified owner)

    Thank you Almine for liberating us from defined freedom with every breath! This course is so profound and deeply altering reality day by day. Bringing us to the songs of freedom and depths of PEACE unfathomable! This amount of material is easily worth 3x the price we paid. I will be digesting this material for a very long time to come. How wondrous to blast through so many illusions all in one shot! With a heart song of peace and compassion,

  2. Robin C. (verified owner)

    Being able to stay on the cutting edge with Almine, brings such peace to everyday. I love the audios as I can listen during my drive time to work. Not to mention that hearing Almine’s voice and expression, makes the information easier to understand.

  3. Meena (verified owner)

    This course could not have been at a more perfect time in my life and I am grateful for all that I learned and unlearned. I feel as if something inside of has been met and now I can see it because of this meeting. Almine, Thank you for all that you do.

  4. Diane L. (verified owner)

    Thank you Almine for showing us the way. Embracing Immortality in the timeless delight of being alive, of being all lives.

  5. Dawn Kubart (verified owner)

    As always Almine’s transmissions along with the material is absolutely uncanny to what I am experiencing. So much in fact that the rate of growth I am experiencing is beyond what anyone could describe. The depths of pain I have experienced watching those in my environment plummet is only assuaged by the profound realizations and revelations I am receiving with Almine’s unbridled help. She can only reveal this because of the depth of her compassion for humanity and the pillars who are also accessing this information. I would not have been able to stay on this plane with out her help. I have not seen this kind of love in any other being in existence.

  6. Linda Bassett (verified owner)

    This course has been worth its weight in gold from the very first day! Almine’s loving guidance and amazing insights help make the insanity of my life a little more tolerable… and I am very grateful for that. Thank you Almine.

  7. Tammie Renee Liogghio (verified owner)

    What a wonderful creation by Almine. You are a universal ray of light guiding the light workers of the world! This course is wonderful & blew my mind.
    Light & deepest love to you, kind & beautiful Almine :heart:️

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