Celestial Pillars of Magic


High pristine magic, not only affects the manifestation of certain change in the practitioner’s environment but in the practitioner as well.

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High pristine magic, not only effects the manifestation of certain change in the practitioner’s environment, but in the practitioner as well. The more the cards are used for manifestation or guidance, the more mastery the practitioner gains in high magic. The incorruptibility of these techniques is assured, because of the inner principles the master must embody.


  • 65 luxurious, high quality quality cards (English-language)
  • Pouch
  • Instruction Booklet
  • Global shipping from Moscow, Russia

What is the Source of Guidance?

Within the rich inner infrastructure of man, a river of untapped potential awaits discovery. Like the Yin and the Yang, the inner and outer realities are opposites, divided by their inability to communicate in a mutually understandable way. This seemingly insurmountable language barrier can be overcome however, by developing a linguistic bridge that communicates between the inner and outer realities. Such a bridge is provided by the Celestial Pillars of Magic cards.

The intent of someone seeking the wisdom of the cards creates a mutual agreement between their inner and outer realities that this is a system that will be the communication method of choice for the outer articulation of inner guidance. A card representing a specific principle, desired by someone as an expression in his or her environment, can also send a reverse communication from their outer reality to the inner, eliciting support for its manifestation. Carrying a specific card with us, reading its wisdom frequently and living its guiding principle, the inner potential of our being is alerted to its desirability so that it can aid in its manifestation.


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