Clock of the Birds


The Clock of the Birds benefits the practitioner in helping metamorphosize the body into a resurrected state, alleviating the planetary cycles of descension and ascension.



The Song of the Hours

Shersik Erasu Hiteve
Nisaru Pitrihet Eresku

Through the song of a bird
Freedom arrives suddenly


  • 27 luxurious, high quality, English-language Cards of Guidance featuring Almine’s Light Elixir art of the song birds
  • Almine’s half hour discourse on the Clock of the Birds (Mp3)
  • Instruction Booklet
  • Power Wheel (download)
  • Template (download)
  • Price includes global shipping from Moscow, Russia

The High Magic of the Clock of the Birds, that we aspire to, is very powerful. It benefits the practitioner in assisting to metamorphize the body into a resurrected state, alleviating the planetary cycles of descension and ascension. Its power stems from co-operation with the Infinite. Power objects empowered by depolarized energies, will not change from benevolent to obstructive when cycles change. Other magic objects will, and should be avoided.

Power objects made according to old magical systems are using resources sent into the object from a point 2 inches below the navel; the center of individual will. When an object is placed in the middle of the Clock of the Birds, and the Field of Hope is formed around it by placing specific attributes in the circles, and activating the three bodily points indicated, the resurrection points of co-operation with the Infinite, rather than individual will, are being used. The object can therefore only act beneficially.

Emotion has always been the catalyst for magic. The emotions of distortion, pain, fear, anger, protectiveness, guilt, have been the blockages preventing the magical life. The emotions of childlike delight, the fire of self-determination, unselfconscious majesty, harmlessness, unbounded adventure, the silent exploration of the senses, freedom of expression, are all emotions that promote levitation and enhance the power of magical manifestation. It is in working with the Clock of the Birds that we unlock these emotions.


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