Cutting the Ties That Bind to the Matrices of Suffering

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Freedom from the Desire to Escape through Addiction

Original Broadcast: September 15, 2018
Format: Mp3 & PDF
Length: 3 hours 17 minutes

When previous paradigms dissolve, and old value systems we have used to provide us with the illusion of reference points disappear, the tendency to fill the void we may temporarily feel, with addictions of some kind, becomes an enticing alternative. We need to deal with these roadblocks decisively, so that we are not pulled back into old cycles of illusion. As we release our addictions, by proxy we set humanity free. ~The Seer Almine

As we evolve into the high realms of Spacelessness and Timelessness, it is imperative that we fearlessly release our addiction to density. This webinar will be providing us with a new form of Belvaspata: Metaphysical Belvaspata for Healing Drug and Alcohol Addiction.



How to Enter the Bliss of Beingness

The Seer Almine describes how to release the tension of linear time from the body, and access the bliss of your being that, for the most part, is obscured by resistance to life in your day.

This Is How Mind Stays in Control

The Seer outlines the strategies deployed by mind to maintain its control over your being. It promotes living in opposition to the environment, and the illusion of being no more than a body, because these engender separation, which is something mind can work with. Mind denies the reality that we are all we experience through resistance to life, and its tool for this is thought, which it stimulates constantly.

1 review for Cutting the Ties That Bind to the Matrices of Suffering

  1. Denise O’ (verified owner)

    This was a profound webinar. I felt i was in a three day retreat with our beloved Almine. So much information packed into three hours. This new Belvaspata is a magnificent gift. Thank you Almine, A Team and all who participated. My heart is exploding in rapture.
    In reverence and respect for this unfolding journey. To the infinite the glory for ever and ever.

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