Entering the Upper Heavens

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The Final Spiritual Retreat With the Seer

By popular request, the audio recordings of the metaphysical discourses and Q&As at the Seer’s final retreat in September, 2019. The main theme is the ‘graduation’ of the Original Ones and their entry to the Upper and Lower Heavens.

Format: Mp3
Total time: 11 hours



Topics include:

  • Becoming Guiltless: death and the unexamined life; mastering Life without dying
  • Mastery of Eternal Existence: do not seek to life forever
  • Suns of the Cosmos: the trauma in the gaps between breaths
  • Demonic function is essential
  • Consolidation of Opposites: the Original Ones as the synthesis of gods and demons
  • Horlet’s treachery
  • Transmission from the Bigfoot: the Seed of Life and the alien threat to those unable to wield it
  • Marriage: the difference between Original Ones and humans
  • Self-torment: outer space and inner space
  • Hosts of Lucifer: the downfall of the third of the Original Ones
  • Humanity as the shadows of the Fallen Ones
  • Physical gods: the body lags behind due to unresolved trauma
  • The Ashram Brainstorm
  • Function, form and evolution
  • The new name of the Original Ones
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2 reviews for Entering the Upper Heavens

  1. Natalia Kavtaradze (verified owner)

    Absolutely wonderful retreat, very helpful, alive. Felt myself like I am in presence there!
    Thank you!!!!!

  2. Alexandra (verified owner)

    I highly recommend you download that 11 hour recording. The shifts within me is a testament to how powerful this retreat was. I can’t articulate what happened but BOY DO I FEEL IT.

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