The Golden Light of the Third Stage of Resurrection

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The True Meaning of the Akashic Records

Original Livestream: October 15, 2016
Length: 3 hours 20 minutes
Format: Mp3 & PDF

“It is the integration of opposites that the mind cannot cope with. It is used to labeling, and then giving value to, opposites – ‘this is good, that is bad’. It doesn’t know what to do when those two merge.” ~The Seer Almine

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Becoming the Contradiction

The three stages of Resurrection, in which we move beyond the duality of body and soul – life and death, awake and dream, masculine and feminine – represent the steps through which the body learns to supersede matter, becoming made of the brilliant White Light that contains all knowledge of individuation. That is: all answers to all possible questions – the true meaning of the Akashic Records.

Until then, the increase in global insanity is a kind of fallout that can arise when a world entrenched in mind becomes affected by the few entering into Resurrection. Their minds, says Almine, become befuddled by ‘becoming a contradiction’, and are not equipped to bridge the ‘gap of knowledge’ between opposites poles… between the questions and answers. The key is to bridge this gap with ‘The Golden Light of Glad Expectations’ – the 3rd Stage of Resurrection – removing the need for creatures that embody chaos.

In this preview the Seer discusses the metaphysics of questions and answers, specifically the function of demons as embodying chaos – the unanswered questions – lest the chaos spills into our world.

Almine will facilitate and explain:

  • How to become a living, dynamic Akashic Record, erasing the need for demons to exist.
  • How to prevent the bodily pain of the Sacred Fire that could occur during the body’s incapacity to hold the advanced stages of resurrection.
  • How to use the alchemical tools of the magical Potencies of Light.
  • How to prevent the Alien Infiltration warned of in Messages from the Future.
  • and much more…

All participants of this three hour event will also receive:

  • The three immensely powerful alchemical equations of the three stages of resurrection.
  • The Belvaspata of Resurrection
  • Almine’s Gathering of the Gods audio address (Ohio 2016)

2 reviews for The Golden Light of the Third Stage of Resurrection

  1. Kathleen Johnson (verified owner)

    I am profoundly moved by this transmission. My body is tingling with Light and I am in a deep state of gratitude for having been able to listen and receive so much brand new enlightened information. It’s alive. I am changed. I am changing as I write each word.
    Blessings of Luminous Living White Light so filled with Love,

  2. Diana (verified owner)

    I do love this webinar so much, Its filled with such goodies. I just love it and have learned so much and even more when I go back to it again. One thing that I have noticed very very often is that I am also not walking very well, its ally wobbly, feels like I am kind of walking on water like there is nothing underneath me so my steps are hesitant. I will feel differently about this now, such important information for me in this wonderful webinar.

    I am so grateful Almine, thank you. 🙏🏼❤️

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