Heralds of the Dawn: A Conversation With the Angel God


Helping the Light Spread Across Cosmic Space

Original Broadcast: June 16, 2018
Length: 3 hours 15 minutes
Format: Mp3 & PDF

There seems to be a strong resurgence of beings from the Mystical kingdoms wanting to communicate with us. The Angel god will be giving three hours of information he says ‘the likes of which has never been seen by man’. Our willingness to communicate and receive messages from the Hidden Realms has not gone unnoticed. ~The Seer Almine

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“You’ve always come to help cosmoses die…”

In her conversation with the Angel God Elarimvael, Almine describes how and why the Original Ones come to the Earth at certain times in the cosmic life cycle, and the different paths that are available to us at the coming crossover point. Enjoy this and other previews below.

We will study now the equation and observe the sigils of the planets… because these give us the information that we need to obtain the perceptions that unlock the keys so that these planets can unite. ~The Seer Almine


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