How to Establish a Life of Graceful Change


Original Broadcast: October 20, 2018
Format: Mp3 & PDF
Length: 3 hours 12 minutes

For years the replacing of hardship as the impetus for change, with fluid and graceful change, has been the heartfelt desire of the Lightbearers of the World. Now finally we have received the understanding of how to accomplish this, and the tools to do it. My heart rejoices that I have the solution to share with you.




  • The 24 Principles of Wholesomeness
  • The 288 Songs of the Earth
  • The 300 Principles of the Atlantean Angels (2018 Update)
  • The Runes of the Unfathomable (Pre-Release)
  • The Five Elements Sigil

The time to love the mirror reflection we are standing in front of, out there, in humanity, is at an end. Because now we have to grow up.

The Seer examines our codependent relationship with humanity, and the rose-colored glasses through which we’ve perceived them.

Whatever You Think Is Holy, Think Again


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