How to Prepare for the 2nd Level of Resurrection


Original Broadcast: Saturday June 18, 2016
Length: 2 hours 53 minutes

The Seer’s Resurrection teachings remain relevant throughout our evolution, insofar as these facilitate the cooperation between body (masculine) and soul (feminine). For when they are seen and experienced as separate, it manifests as external conflict in our lives. Depending on the stage we are in, either can be dominant, and each must allow for the contribution of the other.

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Topics include:

  • Refugees From the Lower Underworld
  • Birth of the Magenta Light
  • Restoration of the Feminine Polyhedron: Making the Feminine Compatible With the Masculine
  • How to Stop Your Inner Clock
  • The Origin of the Resistance to Life
  • The Early Adulthood of Individuation
  • The Ceremony of Resurrection Into the Realms of Magic


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