Interdimensional Communication

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Original Broadcast: January, 2014
Format: Video (Mp4), Mp3 & PDF

By popular request, the Seer Almine presents a course on communication with the inhabitants of the Hidden Realms: angels, devas, fairies and more. Subjects you will learn about:

  • Learning to listen to the subtle communications of existence
  • Forming a communication field through unifying the chakra system
  • Creating your own reality through choosing components from the 7 layers of existence


The Seer Almine gives insights into the hidden realms of the fairies, elves and many more creatures. What is their relationship with humans, and how do you cultivate that relationship so that true open communication can take place? What are the pitfalls? What are the secrets of their existence? A fantastic video course with assignments and practical insights for daily living.

Table of Contents

  1. Co-dependence in the Hidden Realms
  2. Activating Our Magical Eyes
  3. Hunting Your Happiness
  4. Receiving Sigils
  5. The Hidden Kingdoms Speak
  6. The Function of Ceremony
  7. The Fauns
  8. Journey Through the Art and Music of the Hidden Realms
  9. Angels (Part 1)
  10. Angels (Part 2)
  11. Interdimensional Meditation 1
  12. Interdimensional Meditation 2
  13. Interdimensional Meditation 3
  14. How to Receive a Mystical Language
  15. A Transmission from Andromeda
  16. Black Magic
  17. The Giants
  18. Mother Earth
  19. Introduction to Sabahut
  20. Sabahut

1 review for Interdimensional Communication

  1. Olivia (verified owner)

    I am loving the videos. Definitely amazed at the depth of wisdom and understanding I’m receiving in the short length of them. BRILLIANT! I feel like I’m being given a private lesson from Almine… she’s answering so many of my questions and clarifying thoughts and feelings I’ve had throughout my life without me uttering a word!

    Thank You Almine! In Praise, Love & Gratitude

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