Journey into the Unfathomable

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Walking Between Realities With the Seer
This 90-minute audiovisual experience is a rare and life-altering event. It allows us to have the profoundly mystical experience of that which is unspeakable and beyond the understanding of mind.

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3 reviews for Journey into the Unfathomable

  1. Patricia Young (verified owner)

    This is so Holy. I have a recognition of such depth, it is so Unfathomable there are no words, just exuberance beyond recognition.

  2. sujata sengupta (verified owner)

    Dear Holy One, there are really no words to describe it all and it never has. In deep gratitude and reverance thank you for the unfathomable magic. This brought such deep purifying i am unable to say anything and the magic still unfolding today Sunday. Rogier a fantastic job it was and is a thing of beauty you put together.

  3. Denise O’Regan (verified owner)

    Beloved Holy One,
    Thank you for this exquisite Alchemy. Profound, subtle changes of light and frequency. To hear you sing again was immensely wonderful. Words cannot express my deep gratitude, praise and love. The video too was so beautiful. I feel very privileged to be able to participate in this webinar.
    Thank you also Rogier

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