Living a Life of Godhood


Living a Life of Godhood Is to Live a Life of Miracles

The Seer’s Closing Webinar

Original Broadcast: July 27, 2019
Format: Mp3 & PDF
Length: 2 hours 31 minutes

The Seer has long been searching for more specific guidance as to how to live as a godbeing in the flesh; how to walk in divinity amongst men. She is awaiting instruction for establishing a School of the Gods, that our global family can participate in.


  • The 12 Godhood Archetypes of Fullness
  • The 33 Principles of Fullness
  • Life as the School of the Gods


Living From 12 Realities At Once

This which I must do, can be done from life or it can be done from death. I have to be able to choose. Which one do I walk in or out of? Where do I complete this? Here or there? ~The Seer Almine

It had taken the Seer much longer than expected to receive the revelations for this month’s webinar, because it was like she was staring at a wall. When she finally began accessing the information, she felt disturbed. For it was revealed she is now required to relinquish her role as a teacher, in which she takes her Lightfamily by the hand, for such is incompatible with our next evolutionary phase. Extreme solitude will be required to access the 13th Light, and therefore she will retreat for the rest of this year, and may decide to not return to teaching at all. Continue reading→

Featured Music (Not Included in the Download)

  • Angels Calling Me by Denean
  • The Host of the Seraphim by Dead Can Dance (Lisa Gerrard)
  • O Loa Ki Lee from Sacred Spirit II
  • Spirit Rain by Dik Darnell
  • My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion
  • Deliver Me by Sarah Brightman

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