Living the Reality of Oneness


Original Broadcast: May 25, 2019
Format: Mp3 & PDF
Length: 3 hours 5 minutes*

  • Opening the Door into the Field of the One; the origin of the Door and how to dissolve it.
  • Eliminating self-pity and self-importance by understanding how they originated.
  • How to become impervious to diseases by restoring the absent notes in the Song of the Self. The origin of “incurable” diseases.
  • Receiving the powerful aid to living a life of godhood — the 33 Principles of Fullness.
  • Introduction to the path of power of High Shamanism.
  • Reconciling materialism and spirituality through the symbolic perspective.


  • Unintentional Incantation Magic (Mp3)
  • The 33 Principles of Fullness (PDF)
  • Power Wheel for the 8th Rune Library (PDF)

*Excl. the one-hour Unintentional Incantation Magic



The Duality of Material and Spiritual

The resolution of the illusory distinction between spiritual and material is the first challenge of the Field of the One. As one of the illusions that has powered our ancient dread of feeling victimized by the unreal, it is manifest, for example, in the phenomenon of “incurable” diseases.

In Living the Reality of Oneness, the Seer explains how me must shed this programming (in which we emphasize one over the other) to activate the dormant layer of our being in which the spiritual and material are known to be one.

This materialism, in which the symbolic, intrinsic value of matter acts a window to eternity, must, to be sure, be contrasted and detached from the shallow materialism of man-made value (notably: gold).

Unintentional Incantation Magic

Because it is so powerful, it has deliberately been made unintentional magic so that it does not get misused in an attempt to control life. ~The Seer Almine

The webinar Living the Reality of Oneness, features the Seer’s hour-long chant of Unintentional Incantation Magic. Check the introduction to this supremely powerful form of magic for the 12 levels of your being, in which the Seer explains why this magic is not designed for attempts at intentional manifestation, and chants the incantation of the first level.


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