Mastery of the Unfathomable

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From Tragic to Magic✨

Original Broadcast: May, 2018
Length: 6 hours 14 minutes
Format: Mp3 & PDF

One cannot really master the Unfathomable, but you can master your ability to access the Unfathomable. ~The Seer Almine

The further you see into the mystery of Creation, the more personal power you accumulate. The more personal power you have, the higher your consciousness, and the more effortless your spiritual evolution. ~The Seer Almine



In this preview, the Seer Almine describes the dysfunctional relationship between the Stages of Life, Death & Ascension. In this dynamic, they continually seek to undermine each other and share as their primary impetus the desire to escape their own version of ‘death’ (that is: the painful transition to the next realm). Link→

For the initiation into the fourth stage of the White Light, it is advised that you order four initiation oils in advance. These oils activate dormant brain functions and prepare the bodyʼs cells to be able to accept increased metamorphoses into White Light without discomfort. Learn more→

1 review for Mastery of the Unfathomable

  1. Susan Barnes (verified owner)

    the solutions to the biggest questions in existence are presented here in such comprehensive clarity – the perceptions they offer are staggering indeed…

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