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Please note:  This is an information page only. If you want to register to attend a private retreat, please contact Jan at for further details. Unlike other retreats, private retreats cannot be purchased via this store.

Registration to attend private retreats is at the sole discretion of Spiritual Journeys, LLC.

2019 Dates Now Available


Almine’s private retreats provide the ultimate experience for those serious students who wish to fully immerse themselves in the transfigurational presence of Almine and an in-depth exposure to the mystical knowledge that will allow their own gifts to flourish. A private retreat offers you the experience of sharing personal moments with Almine in timelessness. The eternal now moments are available to gain insights regarding personal ‘issues’ within Infinite Intent and current Cosmic unfoldment. It is by all accounts a life-changing experience…

Small groups

An intimate group size of 15 participants is maintained for private retreats. Please contact the Spiritual Journeys office ( if you are seriously committed to attend.

What will it do for me? – Mastering the self

Listen to Almine speak about the nature of her private spiritual retreats, what it will do for you and who are called to participate in these very deep experiences.

What to expect

  • You arrive on Sunday afternoon, and have the evening to yourself to rest, go out and have dinner or walk the beach.
  • Shared accommodations are provided, or you may stay in a nearby motel.
  • Class starts at 9:30 am and lasts till about 5:30 pm with a 90-minute lunch break.
  • Each day Almine will surprise you with life-changing insights. Moments of shared silence will be interspersed with comments by Almine and your own inner, personal work.
  • The nature of the inner work depends on the issues and frequency of the group and the insights Almine is receiving from the cosmos. It is different with every group, so the best advice that we can give you is to be fluid, go with the flow and to let your expectations go of how the retreat should be and what you should get out of it. Thus, with little expectation, may life surprise you.
  • The week ends on Friday evening. Most people leave on Saturday afternoon.

The location

Private retreats are held in Newport, Oregon.

5-day Private Retreat for Spiritual Mastery with Almine

Tuition Amount of total payment and deposit effective 1/1/2017
US$2,000  Deposit: US$750 per person.

Deposits are due at the time of your registration to hold your space.

Payment in full is due 8 weeks prior to the start of the retreat.


Note: Housing is included in tuition, food is not included.

The following guidelines apply, no exceptions:

  • Private retreat deposits and payments are non-refundable.
  • Deposits are due in full to hold your space at a private retreat; payable at the time that you request to register.
  • Payment is due in full – 60 days prior to the start date of your retreat.
  • Barter/credit is not permitted for payment of a private retreat.
  • No scholarships are available to attend a private retreat.

Deposits and retreat payments are paid through our Spiritual Journeys office only:

Please remember that…

  • Deposits are non-refundable and required at the time of registration.
  • Payment is due in full: 8 weeks prior to the retreat start date. A reminder will be sent to you by our Spiritual Journeys Ohio office.
  • Retreat payments are non-refundable.

Why these Guidelines?

These guidelines have been set up due to our experience with last-minute cancellations. When a cancellations occurs on such a short notice, it is difficult to fill the spot with someone else.

Please remember that Almine plans her schedule to include this private retreat with you, in addition to her personal life and family, the running of Spiritual Journeys, the writing of books for her global lightfamily and walking the unseen realms. She makes this commitment to be with you in order to make this life-changing experience possible. By following the guidelines above, you are expressing that you are fully committed to this as well. A private retreat is the most deeply mystical experience Almine has to offer, and you will not be the same afterwards, so please consider carefully whether you are willing to adhere to these guidelines before enrolling.

If you are hesitant, or if you are not sure that a private retreat fits into your schedule, please consider first attending a webinar or enrolling in an online course. If you are sure you are ready for the experience, commit and we will see you at a private retreat in  Oregon!

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