Relationships as Temples of Initiation

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Original Broadcast: December, 2013
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In the fall of 2013 huge shifts took place at the very core of matter itself. One of the effects is that the way a spiritual warrior engages in relationships has fundamentally changed. For this reason Almine has created this course, in which she illuminates the dynamic changes in the nature of relationship and offers advice on how to interact with those that resist these changes in our environment.



Dynamic Relationships

The degree of grace with which our life unfolds, effortlessly and unencumbered, is directly proportionate to the degree of our cooperation with an ever-changing cosmos. In interpreting the Infinite’s intent into experience, we must be in heightened awareness to access the subtle currents of change that flow through the river of life. The relationships of our life, and their structural origins, lead back to the most elemental building blocks of existence: subatomic particles.

Up until recently, the building blocks of physical life resembled a cross of waveform structure. The two axes were bound together in the center, yet were at war in pushing apart. This push-pull nature of relationship can be seen in our everyday lives. But in Autumn 2013 the nature of the building blocks of life has changed, as a layer of illusion was removed, exposing an entirely different form of elemental matter beyond it: tonal luminosity. The building block of tonal luminosity is a single sphere.

This dramatic change in the very structure of existence will herald profound changes in the way in which we interact with others. If we do not cooperate with the change in the nature of existence itself, it will increase hardship and tension in our relationships. By cooperating with it, new life and flourishing can be breathed into we way we relate. During this course, Almine will enlighten us about the dynamic changes in the nature of relationship and give us an idea of how to respond to others that resist these changes in our environment. This course is essential to a harmonious interactive flow in the coming year.

Table of Contents

  1. The Origin of Relationship
  2. Taming the Tiger
  3. Transitioning to a New Reality
  4. How a Household Becomes a Home
  5. How to Communicate
  6. The Relationship with Life
  7. Is it Time to Leave? (Part 1)
  8. Is it Time to Leave? (Part 2)
  9. Addictions and Sexuality
  10. Sexuality
  11. Twin Flames and Soul Mates
  12. The Hollows of Your Soul
  13. Loving in Oneness
  14. Focus and Magic
  15. The Surrendered Life of Trust
  16. The Width and the Depth
  17. The Appreciative Observer
  18. Emanating Divinity
  19. The Achievement of Oneness
  20. The Kingdom of God

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  1. Jane (verified owner)

    This is a brilliant course, so practical, accessible and systematic and yet limitless in its potential and application. Just Listened to Day 16; a knockout! I’m so heartened by the content and style. I’ve just returned from spending Christmas week with a large family group and so have plenty to consider in the light of the impeccable truth presented here. My life is blessed with some wonderful relationships and even greater riches await as I stir myself to more clarity. Thank you.

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