Summer Solstice Ceremony ’24

The Reconnecting With Nature Ceremony (To Alleviate Global Drought)

Thursday, June 20 @ 1 PM Pacific

Active participation is optional. Event registration does not include featured protocol downloads (scroll down for list). All details are forthcoming. (Note: the 2024 solstice gathering is separate from June’s last Sunday mass.)

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Suggested price: $120.00

Minimum price: $0.00


Event Components

  • Song of the Self
  • Peaceful Sleep Protocol
  • 288 Songs of the Earth
  • Male DNA Repair
  • The Tablets of Fire


“The high alchemy that takes place when a group of alchemists participate, creates a situation where the participants become the cauldrons of the alchemy and that in receiving it as a proxy for whatever they are focusing on, they change that which is their intent to influence.” ~The Seer


How do I access the event?
The link will be emailed to you the day before, and just prior to, the event. You can also find the link in ‘order details’, in your account. For issues or concerns, contact

Are there downloads included?
No. Any featured protocol will always be available separately.

Will the Seer be involved?
She’ll be involved energetically, and we’ll print the registrant list for her.

How much does it cost?
There is no ‘cost’ as such, just a voluntary financial contribution. The ‘suggested price’ reflects the value we expect you’ll be receiving. And since the Seer asks that a lightfamily gathering like this remains accessible to all, you are free to give as much, or as little, as you want; we value what we pay for.

Will there be a replay or recording?
There will be a replay. It’s not yet determined exactly when, but probably 12-24 hours later.

How long will it last?
Roughly two hours.


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