The Holy Sacrament of the Gods

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What is a sacrament? A sacrament is a gift of grace. An effortless transition to a higher plane of existence. ~The Seer Almine



Manifestation Protocol

Participants will receive a powerful Alchemical Rune protocol that utilizes the ninth Runedeck to masterfully create a reality of divinity and grace in the Field of the One.

What does the manifesting of our own reality really entail? In The Holy Sacrament of the Gods, the Seer outlines how the first four Runes of the ninth deck reveal how creation takes place.

1 review for The Holy Sacrament of the Gods

  1. Gabriele Gaven (verified owner)

    Dearest Almine,
    listening to your very loving voice, I gained clarity about my decision I made which was very emotional to do. Gaining insight about the Holy Sacrament had my vision about myself made stronger.
    Therefore I give thanks to you and all those holy forces and for Blessings for all of us and of Gaia!

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