The Mystery of the Three Veils

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Original Broadcast: November 17, 2018
Format: Mp3 & PDF
Length: 3 hours 15 minutes

“During our November Premier Webinar, we will see how the insights gained from the October Webinar culminate in an astounding revelation of what forces have held reality hostage.” ~The Seer Almine

“I have for days been looking for the answer to the question: Once foreign usurping influences are removed from spirit, what is its true nature and expression? Recently the answer came: Wholesomeness.” ~The Seer Almine


  • The Ceremony for Manifestation
  • The Principles of the 300 Atlantean Angels
  • Alien Spirit (An Interview With the Seer)
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I have a clear memory of our being at this point twice before. This is usually the point at which the information I deliver challenges core, age-old belief systems some of you are not prepared to let go of… ~The Seer Almine

What have the 288 Songs of the Earth, and the 300 meticulously edited Atlantean Angels’ Concepts you received during the October Premier Webinar have in common? Why have we received the advanced levels of Belvaspata, Runemasters and High Magic?

Is there some great and unseen mystery that links all these seemingly unrelated areas we are asked to master?

Yes, there is an epic purpose that is just starting to reveal itself. During our November Premier Webinar, we will see how the insights gained from the October Webinar culminate in an astounding revelation of what forces have held reality hostage.

Another Fall? Why We Failed (Again) to Enter the Next Evolutionary Stage
You Have Broken the Cycles of the Luciferian Rebellion and the Fall

59 reviews for The Mystery of the Three Veils

  1. Wendy (verified owner)

    The value is unfolding as I look at it.

  2. Susan Barnes (verified owner)

    what an incredible, joyous, extraordinary revelation Almine – it’s like all the dots are joined. Deep reverence and gratitude for this masterful clarity.

  3. Alan Mitchell (verified owner)

    i had taken all of Almine’s online courses & webinars & by far, really far, this was the most profound. the ceremony itself one couldn’t put a price on. this is a quantum leap webinar.

  4. Jodie (verified owner)

    Extraordinary, catalytic, ever-deeper unfolding revelations…. With deepest gratitude and wonder, for the miracle and blessings of your gracious, exquisite presence among us… thank you for the inspiration of your Self-love, by coming back for us, most Beloved Seer of Eternity! With reverence, devotion eternal, and unspeakable, over-flowing joy for the privilege of walking this most exquisite journey with you!

  5. Annita Fischbach (verified owner)

    Such deep, most profound masterful clarity and with such holyness and sacredness my being elevated into another state of beingness. Even if you think it is not for you, It certainly is for you. In deep Reverence and Gratitude for Almine by coming back for us to bring us home to our origin.

  6. Linda Iversen (verified owner)

    This webinar is one of the most profound ones I have ever attended. I know that being a participant on Saturday Nov 17 was an honor and a privilege. I will be attending again this coming Saturday as well. Rune card #48 of the Cosmic Pulse speaks of dedicated commitment to being a pioneer of a newly evolved specie. I hold a deep inner knowing that I have been forever changed by this event, and I walk in surrendered trust to all that unfolds before me. I look forward to greeting new light family I trust will heed the calling to attend and those that I have been blessed in meeting already.

  7. Jane Barry (verified owner)

    Stand alone!

  8. Marina Wozniakowski (verified owner)

    Thank you Almine so much for other Gift you did for us as this webinar. My Gratitude is endless. I can say that this webinar is one of must to participate if you don’t have chance to participate in all event that Almine share with us. It is truly a culmination of everything we did during this year. I feel my self deeply peaceful, with no beginning and no ending and everything I want to reach is right there I have to only call for it. It is a new level of being for sure.
    My Deep Gratitude and Appreciation for now and forever my beloved Almine and support team.

  9. Derek Weiland (verified owner)

    Dearest Almine/team – Thank you! How truely masterfully you’ve weaved this webinar together. Your words bring me much comfort for the journey. With such a tender touch – You wipe the dust of the ages from my eyes. You pick me up to sore in the skies! It is so fascinating how even just one insight can change everything. What Almine said about the computer game – Genius! The potential and excitement I feel now is unbounded. How profoundly grateful I am to be on this journey with you. It is such an honor! My overflowing cup fills to the brim with adoration of the Infinite. How blessed I am …thank you!

  10. Pintipa Grongsaard (verified owner)

    Very profound and deep revelation by the Seer. As with Almine’s other materials, I plan to re-listen to this webinar over and over again when I am more present so I can absorb them much more fully and readily. The truth revealed here about humanity is quite shocking, and I see how this can be challenging to accept due to some of our core belief systems. I will do my best to dial in next Saturday for the replay of the webinar. With much love and gratitude always.

  11. Else Huisman (verified owner)

    As always this webinar is very profound and very deep, wherein the Infinite is speaking directly; afterwards I felt a lightheartedness and joyfulness and I just know that the blessing that came through be there is beyond imagined. You really want to be here to render the highest service possible and to receive Almine’s great gifts of insights and immense blessings.

  12. RebRobbie (verified owner)

    The Infinite’s Language spoken by You…within moments had me weeping…experiencing a vibratory release in the cells even prior to the profound ceremony that followed. The Field Of The One and The Awareness As That State Of Beingness was clearly transmitted by The Holy One…May all Original Ones gather yet again to participate in this grand moment of our own Unprecedented Evolution…by The Grace of The One Who Steers this movement of attention back home to It’s Source and continued Unfolding…

  13. Irene Beck (verified owner)

    The value of this webinar is beyond words, so very intimate and deep. Much gratitude and reverence, I`m irretrivably changed and so happy to be on this journey with beloved Almine and all of you!

  14. Seth Euler (verified owner)

    I did not attend the October webinar, I tried to purchase it a week later and by ‘accident’ I purchased the ‘Mystery of the 3 Veils’. It was no mistake and the ceremony is beyond profound in its task to sweep away our atomic make-up to prepare us for the next stage.
    Almine is steadfast as always and I have never heard so much direct revelations from The Infinite except in private retreat. Truly spectacular!
    Much Love ❤️ ❤️❤️

  15. Claudia (verified owner)

    Dear reader of this review,
    I hope you find inspiration by reading my words and decide to participate in this crucial webinar, The Mystery of the Three Veils. This webinar is life altering and from utmost importance. You are an Almine student and you came to her because you felt a calling. Now you are called again, this time to go the next stage; entering the field of Intent. Please come and join your light family. I will be there as well the 24th of November. Hope to see you there dear ancient one.

  16. Pearl (verified owner)

    This was the most profound webinar to date. I felt as in a trance the whole time. Absolutely amazing. I will most definately attend the replay session as well. So excited!

  17. Katherine Miller (verified owner)

    This webinar revealed so much. Whether or not we are resistant, confused, or uncertain, we always know we can receive nothing but the Truth from Almine/the Infinite. This information has made it easier to step forward on the journey, and I trust that will continue. Yes, the dots are coming together–and hopefully so will we this coming Saturday!

  18. Moana (verified owner)

    This webinar & ceremony is the most powerful I have attended yet, so much tears & sweat released with feelings of truth & magic being revealed, allowing old crusts to effortlessly fall away. Beyond gratitude Dear Almine & Light family.

  19. Wendy (verified owner)

    This webinar is a MUST for those wishing to let go of “The Dust Of The Ages.” The Ceremony alone, is worth more than money can buy. Rogier’s profound questions bring forth even greater clarity, from Thy Seers Holy and Sacred Revelations! Major blessings were brought forth and continued till the wee hours of the morning. For me, this webinar was my Marching Orders from Thy Infinite One! All resources find me, when in: Surrendered Trust!

  20. Patricia Young (verified owner)

    Such Deep Deep Gratitude for Almine as the journey unfolds in its profundity. We gathered as 3 together to witness this extremely powerful collaboration of Infinite information through Song, Sigil and Serenity which continues to touch the deepest recesses of our being. To gather together world wide with Almine and our Light Family to cleanse and clear the Hearth of our Hearts and Minds is such a Sacred and Holy Act that words do not convey this privilege. Our journey was experienced each uniquely and to attempt to describe it further would diminish it. Thank you Almine, Thank You Beloved Ones, “We Are Going Home, Precious Ones” Love You Almine

  21. Zen Williams (verified owner)

    I also feel privileged to be a student of Almine, this webinar certainly is a culmination of this years studies/work and I urge you to participate in the upcoming repeat of it. You are needed. I sincerely hope you can be present. Much Love and Gratitude to Almine and All.

  22. DIJANA MIHOK (verified owner)

    This webinar & ceremony is the most powerful I have attended yet!
    This is the most important moment in our evolution where we enter in the Field of intent .
    Dear family we are all blessed with Almine presence from field of onennes and it is important to join together and surrender.
    This webinar is far beyond I have ever experience. I am going to repeat every day this important ceremony which facilitate entering in the Field of onennes and in the field of Intent.This is a way to clean from atoms and electromagnetic field of illusion.
    We need 1/3 of our light family of Original Ones to uplift us all. On 24 November we will be again together with Almine and her webinar and this time we will succeed if we gatther in larger number and with stronger decisive intent of stopping serving illusion .
    Please listen your heart and inspiration dear ones and hear calling for this quantum leap and join with us in onness of this webinar gattering.
    Almine thank you for this greatest gift of this webinar and your guidance inspiration and all your ways of uplifting me and our family.
    Thank you dear family of Original Ones for mutual support and journey of no beginning or end!
    I am happy to meet with you again on 24 November in this webinar.

  23. Lynette Ruest (verified owner)

    This webinar was life altering as it gave me new perspectives of myself and relationship within the Infinite. I need to listen again as well as the repeat on Saturday as so much revelation came forth from Almine that I cannot remember it all. Today brought a new awareness within and clarity of choice as to what needs to be let go off and what needs to be expressed that will bring about living in the Field of Intent. I urge all who were not present at the first airing of this webinar to attend on the 24th as well as all who did attend the first webinar so that we may bring about our entrance as Original Ones into the Field of Intent. I feel such hope and excitement for this event on Saturday, we need each other to ensure this giant step in our journey together within the Infinite.

  24. Charla Langevin (verified owner)

    Absolutely wonderful experience. The information coming in answer to Almine’s questions answered questions that I had. The ceremony was superb.i would say this is the most profound
    that I have experienced to date. I will be joining my light family again this weekend & encourage all who are reading this to join us. With excitement I am looking forward to this adventure .

  25. Dhani Nallainathan (verified owner)

    This was a remarkable webinar. Though I was delayed by my work schedule, I was able to replay it some hours after the original start time. I experienced the incredible power and presence of Almine and her Awareness Field of the ONE. What an incredible feat!! It surpasses any other webinar presented by Almine thus far in power, scope and depth. If you want to find a way to release the suffering of humanity and unfold a life of grace then this is the place to do it.

  26. Jill (verified owner)

    I felt so much lighter after the ceremony, and afterwards hoped to repeat the ceremony and listen to the whole webinar again. I’m so glad we have that opportunity. I am very grateful for the expanded perception that always comes with Almine’s work…there’s nothing like it. It’s well worth it.

  27. Anita Zarkel (verified owner)

    So incredibly grateful to be able to receive these teachings that push us beyond the repetitive cycles of life and challenge us at deepest levels. This webinar has many gems, including a powerful ceremony of manifestation. I have felt in an altered state since listening, and have listened again and gotten even more the second time. Life-changing, invaluable information.

  28. Oswald (verified owner)

    This is the most profound webinar to date.

  29. sujata sengupta (verified owner)

    The above comments have expressed it all – we each experience it uniquely – we are standing at the doorway to home, let us all gather to fully open that door and walk through it. Unimagined blessings then wash through to the rest of life. It truly is a most sacred experience. I am in deep humbleness, humility, adoration in action, surrendered trust, recerance, self-regard, innocence and intimacy.

  30. HANNA (verified owner)

    This is a must, the most profound and revealing webinar. I took all extraordinary webinars of Almine and yet they are baby steps, gentle nudges, preparing us for THIS ONE! Like a jump we All dear Light-workers have to make together in Trust and Surrender.With guidance of Beloved One Almine. I am saying this with utmost reverence and gratitude. And the core of my being remembers and knows and resonates with tangible truth being unveiled here.

  31. christel pilz (verified owner)

    how to find words when there are none ? all I can say, this webinar comes from another realm to help us reenter.. may we realise the given chance – May Almine not get tired to remind us!

  32. Mo (verified owner)

    Not really good at describing deep mystical experiences with humans words , But out of all the books , courses , webinars , this was very personal to me , i could see the stream of my journey since Millions of years ago to this day , every place i was guided to , every archetypal being i had connection to , They all started to make sense as if i just remembered an old movie ,

    This is the story of you the eternal being , how your individuation began , why and how we chose to explore our potentials , what stages and cosmoses we went through , where were we stuck , more importantly why we were stuck .

    how many times I’ve asked these questions and all I’ve read and heard was a big lie , yesterday was a moment of truth for me 🙂 , during entire day had an old song’s lyrics singing in my head “i know the pieces fit , cuz i watched them fall away”

    I believe all is in great perfection , i wonder how we all shaped it to get back to our prize 🙂 i only ask the infinite to take me apart from inside , all we’ve got is inside 🙂

    Love you all 🙏🏻

  33. Donna Stiegler (verified owner)

    As Almine said, “We receive these amazing truths never before accessed anywhere, at anytime. No one has seen such a grand vision.” This is the webinar that culminates all that has gone before. Truly not to be missed.

  34. Willy & Rina (verified owner)

    As always, touched by the profound revelations and insights.
    As always, resonance with the strings of our hearts.
    As always, lifted above the reality of this world
    As always, grateful to be compagnons on this wonderful eternal journey
    Let us all join next saturday to reach that critical mass, and take the next step on this breathtaking evolutionary quest.

  35. Denise M (verified owner)

    I was also a part of the webinar “The Mystery of the three Veils”. What a beautiful gift this is from Almine – thank you for your generosity in sharing what you do, Almine. Thank you too, Rogier. I will be listening to it again before Saturday 24th, and also will be doing the ceremony again. If you weren’t a part of this webinar, try to make the best plan you can to buy it at this reduced price, and give yourself the best present you could – I will definitely be there on the 24th. Thank you Almine for everything. Please carry on staying with us.

  36. Denise O’ (verified owner)

    I concur with all the above expressions. Every webinar with Almine is astounding, but this one was profound. I too feel privileged and honored to be a participant on our journey home. The rune I chose before writing this review was from the sacred butterfly library: Angel God Gravanech, The Calling. You are being called by the universe to fulfill a task for the enhancement of life. Do not sidestep that which is before you. It is in fulfilling our calling that life’s possibilities open to us. I highly recommend this miraculous webinar. In deep reverence and respect to our beloved Almine, A team and light family. Thank you for this exquisite graceful unfolding into the one.

  37. Devapriya (verified owner)

    Attending this incredible webinar has been the most sacred experience of my life. I find it hard to express in words, but we have been gifted with unfathomable information and ceremony that call us to finally shed our resistances and go forth towards HOME. It is time that all Original Ones get together and, guided by the endless generous guidance of Almine, make the experience of the field of intent finally possible. I’ll be there again on the 24th.

  38. Ailsa Mclean (verified owner)

    This webinar felt like one of the MOST SACRED events of my life. My eternal gratitude and love to Almine and the team.

  39. Anna Shamrell (verified owner)

    This webinar is exceptional, another treasure box filled with gifts and blessings. Almine’s voice is filled with pure awareness and she is like an alchemical siren of encouragement and support. The profound revelations regarding spirit as an alien-imposter, release the hold of its manipulation on governing the divine life. There is a most wonderful alchemical ceremony given to dissolve atomic matter and its electro-magnetic fields that left me feeling completely changed. We were given the Angelgods of Clarity to ask for assistance, such a divine gift to have. There is quite a bit of illusion and dross dissolving on many levels, the day following I slept throughout the day, as I felt more and more refreshed . I very much recommend wholeheartedly this webinar to our lightfamily, it is inevitably the next step. I intend to re-listen many times and study it deeply, there is much that was given.

  40. Connie Herkenhoff (verified owner)

    The webinar is a must!…. There is nothing more important then to move into the Field of Intent. ..It was beyond unfathomable. We came to Earth to save our home, the planet. The ceremony was incredible moving us into the Field of Intent, our next step. The webinar is priceless. No price to put on ..Living in the Garden of Eden…. Creating whatever you want in your reality, price on having abundance, youth, health, deep peace, joy, everything you can create. I hope you join us.

  41. Teena Roush (verified owner)

    What a great privilege, opportunity and honor to be at the cutting edge of our evolution with Almine and our light family. Release all the belief systems that prevent us from being who we truly are. Join all light workers for this miraculous event on Saturday expanding our consciousness as we journey into untraveled regions of the cosmos creating our own Garden of Eden.

  42. Saba (verified owner)

    Deep presence in the being of the One. Infinite gratitude for the Field of Intent and its ceremony.

  43. Belkacem SAADAOUI (verified owner)

    This webinar is absolutely a Must! Almine offers us a metaphysical journey as the information delivered and unveiled is very deep and new. What an exciting metaphysical journey all along!
    This webinar is totally a Must and one of the most sacred! She gives us a sacred shamanic ceremony of the manifestation, a living and powerful ceremony, I had the impression that she was present in the room. This is to my knowledge one of the most powerful given by the Seer and her guidance step by step. I highly recommend it. I felt the wheels visually and bodily, it was vibrant and pulsating…
    This webinar is a passionately clarifying Must! Almine continues her exploration and clarifications on the spirit in the interview conducted brilliantly by Rogier.
    A last confidence, personally an hour before of the webinar, i spontaneously felt to use all the HM oils 9th, some additional and the 5 elements, i put the purple tee shirt. I reassure you, i did not catch fire ! 🙂
    Only while I was putting down the drops of oils, i had a very deep feeling informing me that this webinar was a sacred event to join -not an agenda- made eons ago.
    I understand better now the enthusiasm and energy felt inside me the days that preceded.

    I wish you a Must wonderful webinar!

  44. Sharon Davis (verified owner)

    This webinar was so powerful, I truly do not have words to describe. So much new information and answers we did not have the questions for. The energy during the webinar was phenomenal and life altering. Join us as we reach for higher heights in our evolution clearing out the known and embracing the unknown.

  45. Karen Folgarelli (verified owner)

    It is with love and reverence that I express my gratitude for leading us on this incomprable journey Home. Experiencing the many chants and Holy languages along with the layers of revelation and information is indescribable. The exquisite beauty, grace and holiness of this webinar offer what mind cannot fathom. Thank you Beloved Almine for this truly priceless gift.

  46. Holly Stockwell (verified owner)

    This webinar is the capstone of experience at this critical and challenging time of life. For me, I am changing is ways that are subtle, yet deeply profound – truly effortless, graceful change. Now, my next step is so clear, I just need to sit quietly and in a few minutes I feel, know, just next step. Even if it is starting dinner, my life has a deep quietness, contented feeling. When I try to think about something when the time isn’t right, my mind goes into a fog and very quickly I know/feel “now is not the time”. A life of Soul is being cultivated through my cooking, my every day activities – creativity is back! Like a child exploring the world around me, I have a new enjoyment, and at the very least, a new appreciation for every most mundane tasks.

  47. Sarah A Murray (verified owner)

    Almine is the real deal. I’ve been immersed in these teachings and insights since my mid twenties ( the past 12 years). I have NEVER felt as strongly about all of these teachings and webinars as I have with the last 8 months or so. The fact that The Mystery of the Three Veils is going to be replayed and the cost is going to be reduced by HALF is a gift of which I have no words for. We are finally returning whence we came. The field of The One!. Thank you from every fiber of my Infinite being!.

  48. elizabethdoctor7 (verified owner)

    I am actually very new to Almine work being guided just six months ago. I am so grateful each day as it resonates so deeply within. I attended the webinar of the three veils and it was beautiful and powerful. Did it shatter some more belief systems…Absolutely…but I feel so ready to let them dissolve.The ceremony was beautifully intense and created great excitement within me. It will be a privilege to participate again on 24th.Thank you Almine for helping us move into the field of Intent.

  49. Jennah (verified owner)

    This Premier Webinar is of Great Significance for the Journey Home.Inspiring,elevating, powerful,
    High Alchemy in Action.I love Almine’s unique, deep, creative etc. teachings.
    I will attend the webinar on 24th November.
    Thank you Beloved Almine.

  50. Corrien (verified owner)

    Just go for this step it is going home in this webinar.
    Gratitude to the Infinite for showing the way back to infinity.
    It is a never ending Journey . The five elements are explained also.

  51. Tim (verified owner)

    There is no better journey, priceless information, revelations, or anything else than what has been delivered by Almine and what is being delivered by Almine! Unfathomable! Self-Sovereignty beyond the imaginable! Indescribable!

  52. Helge Jensen (verified owner)

    The Mystery of Three Veils was the Webinar last Saturday.
    It comes again on Saturday.
    It is a very important Webinar.
    We must at least be 100 participants to succeed. There were too few.
    Therefore it comes again.
    There are many important new things about : Body, soul and spirit and how they interact.
    The interaction between the three must change before we can come further on.
    In the webinar Almine is doing a ceremony that can help with this.
    This is a very important one.
    Almine had also other proposal we can do.
    I hope there are enough of us next Saturday.
    Helge Jensen

  53. Stephanie besmehn (verified owner)

    This webinar and ceremony is tremendously powerful. I have felt unopened libraries within open. New gifts of perception are continuing to unfold. A deep sense of humility, grateful privilege and peace have been experienced in the last several days. A courage in absolute surrender that is brand new…. I highly recommend that all who choose to have a journey that unfolds gracefully consider investing in this tremendous package.

  54. Dana (verified owner)

    No turning back and becoming pillar of salt. Atoms are but an illusion.
    What is real?
    Let me relay the experience during my visit to Egipt.
    While exploring the great pyramid I chose the shaft descending to subterranean chamber, but entered king’s chamber instead, which is at the top of the structure.
    How can this be? Everything was so solid and “real” yet I didn’t have to walk thru grand gallery to get there. Hmm
    Join us this Saturday and get enlightened about true nature of real.

  55. CORINNE COFFIN (verified owner)

    An absolutely incredible experience. I do so urge those that were unable to listen to the Webinar last Saturday to join us once again this Saturday. Help all of us succeed this time in something so important as this.

  56. Qi-Qing Thorp (verified owner)

    Almine reveals wisdom that no one dare to address!

  57. Shane (verified owner)

    These webinars are the highlight of the month for me with each one building on the last and of course each one more potent than the last. This one in particular was truly magical and a must do for those of us in any way inspired to.
    Thank you Almine for your infinite poise, grace, strength and leadership.

  58. Dave Pyne (verified owner)

    Life changing, and world changing.

    I have never been so happy in my entire life.

    This is the gold standard in global benificence.

  59. Brett MacDonald (verified owner)

    I literally felt the wings come forth, unfold, from my back.

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