The Tablets of Fire

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The Secret Origins of the Holy Ones
Three Live Discourses from the Seer (Moscow, October, 2017)

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“We’re at a crossroads in our evolution. What we choose will either create a graceful transition or a great loss of life as a purification among humanity. The Tablets indicate what we would’ve missed so that we can instead choose a graceful journey.” ~The Seer Almine


We’ve never had Tablets written in flaming glyphs before. It has been a profound experience. ~The Seer Almine

The material interpreted and explained by the Seer from these holy tablets is remarkable and life-changing. Shedding light on the roots of humanity, the cause of the Great Fall of consciousness, the planet Altea as a second home to the Original Ones and many more answers that have eluded us for ages, it is a priceless blessing on our journey. It explains the feeling of displacement felt by the Holy Ones, the causes of previous global cataclysms, including prophecies yet to come and so much more. Very highly recommended!

Man: The Children of Incest (Transcript)

Because the Original Ones – and remember, they were the genetic creators of man – they came back to Earth 4 times, excluding this time when they have come amongst man. Well, each of those 4 times, when they came back, they found the Earth so destroyed that it was uninhabitable for a very long time. I have seen visions of how the Original Ones repaired the Earth – they did it with sacred geometry, which is the dynamic geometry that we write about in Journey to the Heart of God. Well, where were they coming from? Remember, they have a second home, which is Altea: a large planet that, if I [look to] see if we have a name for it, known on Earth, we don’t – it’s just a number, it’s out in space.

Well, each time they came back and found that, yet again, man had destroyed the Earth, they assumed that man had too much power and not enough awareness to match it, so the power was used destructively. So, as a result, they actually deliberately reduced man’s ability with each of the waves of creation, of which the current one is the 5th.

So, they decided to create the Star Races from man’s 3rd creation. Now, that’s kind of interesting, because it does tell us that, for a long time, there were no Star Races – just man. And I think this is the deep memory that creates such a juvenile belief that “We’re the only race in the Star Systems.” And until, you know, photography, and various other methods, and group sightings, showed that, “Listen, they are coming from other planets,” for thousands of years, man thought he was the only race in the whole Cosmos – because, at one time, he was.

So, the decision to create the Star Races from man’s 3rd creation, but to use those Star Races’ DNA in creating the 4th creation of man, produced the exact same problems that genetic inbreeding does. And offspring of incest, of interfamily relations – they suffer from a loss of abilities and aggravated flaws. Many of man’s very negative traits that we see today – and we wonder, “How could they be like this?!” – resulted from this. They are basically the children of incest.

So, why did these flaws – first of man, passed on to the Star Races; and then the Star Races pass it back on to man, and it is now very aggravated… There are several questions we could be asking, such as, “Well, why, if the Original Ones re-created man each time, why didn’t they take these flaws out of there, and create them more perfectly?” “Why, when the Star Races were created, did they not eliminate certain mistakes?”

Because we must, firstly, define what we mean by “mistakes.” We’ve often said, “There is no such thing as mistakes.” We are just using the word here to describe something: what isn’t. “Mistakes” are the unique blind spots that an individual has, that creates their unique perspective. What separates one bucket of water from the ocean, from another bucket of water in the ocean, is perspective. And this perspective comes from creating deliberate blind spots. So, these were passed on, so that individuation could be held.

The reason that the flaws were passed from generation to generation of creations of humanity, is because their templates were preserved: that which makes individual individuations within a wave of man, those templates were preserved. And those templates were… they were formed by the “mistakes,” the individuations were formed by the “mistakes.” So, there were deliberate blind spots written into those templates.

So, if you make subsequent generations of man, and you keep their flaws, but now, with inbreeding from a 3rd generation who inherited their flaws, they are actually made bigger; but you give them less ability, so less perception to solve their flaws – because we eliminate flaws through perception, but with less and less resources, they had less and less ability to do that – so, basically, man deteriorated and deteriorated and deteriorated.

Deep in this memory that is part of his template, he remembered a time when he was the greatest race of all, except for the Original Ones. But if you put memories of greatness into someone that has distorted vision, it becomes arrogance. Instead of power to cooperate with life, it becomes power to dominate life. So, they have dominated the species, they have dominated the ecosystem and they have dominated the planet, with very bad results.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Isabella Metzger (verified owner)

    I truly can’t recommend this highly enough! Life-changing and a priceless blessing on our journey indeed. I’m deeply grateful for this, thank you dearest Almine, my gratitude and love to you always ♥

  2. 5 out of 5

    ssahin13 (verified owner)

    I agree with Isabella. I have been studying with Almine for 16 years, so with lots of basis for comparison, I highly recommend this webinar. The content is surprising & exceptional, while also connecting some big puzzle pieces that Almine has introduced over the years!

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