The Lemurian Science of Immortality

Upon discovering ancients who did not age, explorers of the Americas set out in search for the Fountain of Youth. Not realizing it was a set of tablets rather than an actual fountain, the records of the Fountain of Youth are revealed in this book.

As a master translator of records, Almine has authored an unforgettable book that shatters existing paradigms.

Live now from that part of you which
has neither a beginning nor an end.
Only beyond opposites shall
you find authenticity.

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The Lemurian Science of Peace

Entering the Higher Reality of Mastery

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How to Transcend a Life of Conflict

This remarkable book delivers the best of both worlds: Deep metaphysical concepts alternating with easy steps for their application. Both serious students of the mysteries, and casual readers seeking easy guidance for masterful living, should find what they are looking for.

What Almine had to say about this book:
“The depth and width of the information that has been translated from the Lemurian tablets and scrolls to produce the Science of Peace is breathtaking in its scope. Each specific set of records I have translated over the years* has had its own dominant trait and a characteristic method of delivery. Some poured in at such a rate I could hardly write fast enough. Some came as glyphs, visible a few feet in front of my face. Others were downloading the glyphs at night, which were then repeating the language in audio form during the day.

The Science of Peace has had the specific quality of being very concise and articulate. They were written in one of the primary cosmic languages, not Lemurian. They are engraved in pale, pinkish, lightly polished stone tablets, with a set of two scrolls giving the information of the last part of the book.

The delivery of the information was accompanied by a steady pressure in my chest, indicating that the translation was time-sensitive; I was on a schedule. The advent of this profound and sacred material is accompanied by a destiny: to bring peace on Earth.”

*See for interdimensional photos of some of these records.