An Affaire of the Heart (Mp3)

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Romance Across Time and Space. The 2012 re-issue of Almine’s beautiful new age pop album of love songs!

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Romance Across Time and Space

  1. An Affaire of the Heart
  2. I Yearn for You
  3. The Love of My Life
  4. Across Time and Space
  5. Revelrie
  6. The Longing
  7. Is She an Angel
  8. The Way She Walks
  9. Shayina
  10. Afterglow
  11. Finale

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1 review for An Affaire of the Heart (Mp3)

  1. Margarita Reid

    Beautiful concepts and words to “Hear” and feel! A universal example of a story of Divine partnership and deep Love. It is most, most wonderful for me to blend with its perspective as it “teaches” me through uncommon methods. 🙂

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