Lemurian Dream (MP3)

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Released by Popular Request! The original ‘live’ recording of the Lemurian Dream session that was featured during the 2013 Summer Solstice Ceremony.



The original ‘live’ recording of the Lemurian Dream session that was featured during the Summer Solstice Ceremony of Sound. This magical session was spontaneous and entirely unprepared! At the time of writing it is not known what Almine will decide to do with this project, but in purchasing it you will receive the current version and any future version that may be released!

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2 reviews for Lemurian Dream (MP3)

  1. Denise (verified owner)

    Of all the music from Almine, the Lemurian Dream has become my favorite. The music certainly knows how to stir “deep” “deep” emotions within. I am unable to describe these emotions and will not even try to define “them”……Defining them will simply limit such deep emotions within a limited scope and depth of feeling ……..

  2. lynette5603 (verified owner)

    I love this music, it is almost as if a story is being sung to me of my journeys from times gone by and gives secrets to this life. I love all of Almine’s music, but this music is very different.

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