Belvaspata: Angel Healing Vol. I (PDF & MP3)

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An incredible gift from the Infinite – the most holy of all gifts that can be bestowed by a master upon another is the gift of enlightenment.


The Healing Modality of Miracles

Plus: The Healing Methods of Enlightenment and Restoration of Inner Divinity

Includes Belvaspata – Angel Healing, a 46 minute audio recording by Almine, to assist with pronunciation of the Angel names and Sigils used in Self-initiation.

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Whether you are a beginner or an experienced master of the miraculous healing modality of Belvaspata, this comprehensive guide is an information rich handbook that will serve as your most valuable tool – a compendium of information including preparation for initiation, ‘how-to’ for healing sessions and for self-initiation.

In addition, each volume contains specialty modalities of Belvaspata providing everything you need to know to establish yourself as a practitioner of this miraculous healing modality of the angels.

Volume 1 includes these Belvaspata specialty modalities:

Kaanish Belvaspata- The Healing Modality of Enlightenment
An incredible gift from the Infinite – the most holy of all gifts that can be bestowed by a master upon another is the gift of enlightenment.

The Song of the Self Belvaspata
Promotes the healing of bodily inflammation by resolving internal emotional conflicts.

Braanmish Ananu Belvaspata
Promotes the illumination of Inner Divinity.

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3 reviews for Belvaspata: Angel Healing Vol. I (PDF & MP3)

  1. 5 out of 5

    Joel Janvier (verified owner)

    Healing through light, healing through sigil; that’s fascinating. I already work on level I and II initiation level. I keep studying for the Master and Grand Master.
    Great jobs Almine
    Hollywood FL

  2. 5 out of 5

    Pavitra Shining (verified owner)

    I just finished 30 days in a row of Kaanish Belvaspata this morning, so it’s a good day to integrate the revised wheels in this manual πŸ™‚

    These days of doing Kaanish have been intense brother!

    Frequently…if not nearly constantly brought up feelings and experiences of pretty much every one of the illusions the sigils are there to dispel…which are illusions that have always felt like my core personal issues…which i guess is why I’ve started with Kaanish after years of alotting only very small and spuradic times to engage with Almine’s work…but it felt like time to finally face this and commit to just keep going no matter what came up…

    Now that I’ve done the 30 days, I feel guided to keep going for another 10 with the sigils and integrate the Self-Wheels each day according to the different alchemical equations, so yesterday i worked with 1-3, today I’ll integrate 1-7, tomorrow 1-12 and so on…so i best make sure I have most the day free by the time I get to the day i do 1-144!

    Thanks again for the revised manual — definitely feeling the profound shifts already with the new wheels πŸ™‚

  3. 5 out of 5

    Mary (verified owner)

    Even though there is a great depth of material to understand, the steps are presented in a very clear way. Beyond the practicality of the methodology, advanced truths are revealed and explained.
    I am very pleased I bought this book. The mp3 is wonderful to hear how to pronounce the words and also to hear how one should go through the steps (although the book is extremely clear, I like to get it two different ways to be sure).

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