Windows Into Eternity

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In this book, Almine provides unparalleled insight into ancient mysteries which transcend reason and reveal the hidden laws of existence. Delivering visionary expansion, this metaphysical masterpiece explores the origins of life as recorded in the holy libraries. The release of information from these ancient libraries is a priceless gift to humankind. The illusions found in the building blocks of existence are exposed, as are the purposes of Creation.


Revelations of the Mother Goddess

Windows Into Eternity gives the reader a look into some of the oldest secrets on Earth. The sacred information of many etheric libraries is revealed and with it comes understanding about life and individuality. Absorbing information about the Book of Life and the Book of the One Life has the power to change your perception of reality forever.

At 3:00 a.m., on June 20, 2007, I was awakened with the words “The Book of the One Life” spoken in Mother’s voice. During April and May I had seen a book that would, in some way, supersede the Book of Life. On a few occasions it had appeared in a vision, and though very little information was given, I knew that what I was seeing was unspeakably holy and much more was yet to come.


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1 review for Windows Into Eternity

  1. 5 out of 5

    Denise Lee (verified owner)

    I wanted Almine to know that those Spells (in Windows into Eternity and Book of Spells) really works!

    Everytime i read the Spells, visualise the outcome i want and then let go of the expectation, it somehow opens a door for me sooner or later in ways i did not expect. I am grateful that i have the chance to work with these spells. It proved that even with limited resources, there is a way life will flows. It is really windows into eternity of open doors.

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