Secrets of Dragon Magic

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From the Sacred Records of the Hadji-ka, kept by the dragons of Avondar, the secrets of Kundalini are revealed, designed to restore the innate, natural magical abilities of man lost by the separation of the spinal column and the pranic tube. The reader is swept along on a profound and mystical journey that pushes perception beyond mortal boundaries.



The Sacred Fires of the Hadji-ka

This extraordinary record of the philosophy and practices of dragon magic is unmatched in its depth of knowledge and powerful delivery. May these holy records and their groundbreaking revelations restore the precious heritage of man: a life of incorruptible white magic.

The potent, magical essence of our being, that thunders through our veins and beckons us forth across imagined horizons, is ours to wield. Like the paints of vibrant colors an artist brings to life upon a canvas, we may fashion the magic of our lives into expressions of delight. Techniques can only dull the outcome with yesterday’s mediocrity. It is upon the wings of a spontaneous heart that we can fly, unencumbered by programs of beliefs and unafraid of the limitlessness of our being. ~Almine

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1 review for Secrets of Dragon Magic

  1. Jane (verified owner)

    This is so powerful! I can happily say this material truly changed my life… Thank you, Almine!

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