Belvaspata for Healing Heart Disease


Heart function abnormalities may occur when a person holds onto attachments from the past, reducing the vitality necessary for the optimal functioning of the heart in the present.

Includes “How to Use Belvaspata” and an “Introduction to the use of Specialty Belvaspata Modalities”.

You will be working with the following tools for this Healing of Heart Disease protocol:

  • 28 Sigils and Angels for Healing Heart Disease
  • Power Source Wheel for the 28 Alchemical Equations
  • 28 Alchemical Equations for Healing Heart Disease
  • 56 Rhomboids of the Inner Ring
  • The Heart of Alchemy Square
  • 5 Power Wheels for the Center Stack
  • 28 Tablets for Healing the Heart
  • 28 Large Wheels – sets 1 and 2
  • 7 Marble Wheels – front and back
  • Closing sigils for Love, Praise and Gratitude
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