Book of Runes (XL Hardcover)

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When the runes are added together into a combined book, the new powerful energy that turns the book into a power object is born.



Understanding the Alchemy of the Runes

Alchemy is the science of transmutation: the adding of dissimilar components to create a leveraged result. In an alchemical equation, the sum total of the components is therefore much more than the parts added together.

The 672 runes found in this book are in a very specific order and each has a specific value. Every set forms an alchemical equation, and jointly they form a leveraged result. When the runes are added together into a combined book, the new powerful energy that turns the book into a power object is born.

“The power of this book will work, even if it is not read. The entire purpose of this book is: The full activation of the inner and outer senses, in order to dissolve the enslaving programs of belief systems.” – The Seer Almine

Learn more: Becoming a Master of the Runes

Please note: upon purchasing Book of Runes you will receive 7 sets of Rune pages for ‘easy printing’. This does not represent a comprehensive “DIY” solution for creating Rune decks. Rather we offer these files so that you may be spared the step of scanning (and damaging) the Book – should you wish to extract the Runes from it.

We sincerely thank you for honoring Almine’s work by using the download link for your own personal use only.

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2 reviews for Book of Runes (XL Hardcover)

  1. 5 out of 5

    Mats (verified owner)

    WOW, what a book!! And it is so much more than a book – it´s vibrant, it´s alive! Turning over the pages I´m overcome with joy, awe, peace, love
    (etc etc) when looking at and absorbing the images of the runes .. and the meanings of them. A lot of wonderful, spiritual, inner senses activations are occuring within me. It´s like dimensions merging in miraculous ways. And the different colours on the pages – not of this World!:) What an inspiration!
    It´s such an amazing and fabulous “book” – a powerful experience! 🙂 Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Joel (verified owner)

    Even though I haven’t gone deeply yet into this book since I bought it around three months ago, I am telling you that the sacred ceremony to create a sacred space is my favorite program or tool until now. The use of Sachevispata to create a sanctuary home or property is a must due where negative energies are circulating everywhere at anytime. I know that my real home is my body, but the place or the property I am living now is safer and well protected. I have used this protocol to purify houses and properties in my native country Haiti.In addition, I started using the chakras’ program from the Sabahut protocol found in this book. In fact, I cannot say that one program or protocol from one book is better than another; everything from Almine is just complementary, enhanced, transformational, transmutational, ans so forth. I always have some difficulties to write a review for everything I buy, participate, and find on this network. Everything is more than a 5 stars. It is beyond the grade/value system established in this world. Even though each book or program is just different in terms of the applications’ methods, I can use this review as reference for everything I already bought or will buy.

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