Runes of the Infinite Mother

5.00 out of 5


Each set of runes belongs to one of the seven fields of perception. The application of the qualities associated with the runes purifies a specific chakra and one of the bodies of man. The seven sets of runes are specifically effective in clearing programs that control the mind and emotions, and that cause disruption in the proper functioning of the chakra system.

Each rune is a power object to help activate and strengthen qualities within, while guiding and emphasizing qualities without.



  • Seven Rune Decks, consisting of 96 high quality, full color cards, 2.5 x 3.5″ (6.35 x 8.89 cm), 305 gsm black-core matt card stock
  • Pocket-sized Rune Instructions booklet
  • Pocket-sized Angel Gods of the Runes booklet
  • Download of the Wheels of the 7 Fields of Perception

Please note: this is a print-on-demand product to be ordered on a third party site,¬†¬†Due to its unusual card number (and therefore width) it does not have available¬†boxes, and so you’ll have to devise a solution for this yourself – for example: crafting or purchasing pouches, or just using thick elastic bands.

Runes of the White Tiger

  • Shamanism
  • 1st Chakra
  • Power through alignment with the interconnectedness of existence

Runes of the Mother Libraries

  • White Magic
  • 2nd Chakra
  • Incorruptible magic through cooperation with the Infinite

Runes of the Order of the Sacred Butterfly

  • Healing
  • 3rd Chakra
  • Wholeness through Remembered Oneness

Runes of the White Rose

  • Toltec Mysticism
  • 4th Chakra
  • The impeccable spiritual warrior in cooperation with divine will, walks the timeless journey in pristine power

Runes of the Blue Light

  • Metaphysics
  • 5th Chakra
  • As below, so also above

Runes of the Lion’s Gate

  • Godhood
  • 6th Chakra
  • Awaken now the divinity within

Runes of the Unfolding Journey

  • The River of Life
  • 7th Chakra