The Runes of the White Light High Magic (Rune Deck 9)

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We have for the first time received the blessing of the higher form of Rune mastery, which is Alchemical Rune Mastery. The Runes of the White Light High Magic are the only Runes in which Alchemical Rune Mastery can be performed and every card deck will have personal blessings performed on it by the Seer before it is shipped to you. Directions on how to use these Runes in conjunction with Your Personal Timemap shall be provided with the Timemap toolkit.

Please note: if you plan to perform the Alchemical Runes manifestation protocol* alongside the Timemap protocol, you will need require two decks. The reason is that both protocols work in 24 hour cycles. Alternatively, you may alternate the protocols, in which case you’ll only need one deck.

*As featured in The Holy Sacrament of the Gods

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1 review for The Runes of the White Light High Magic (Rune Deck 9)

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    Awakening the new you!

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