Labyrinth of the Moon: Music of the Hidden Planets (Mp3)


Music of the Hidden Planets. So much more than exquisite music from the stars!

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Music of the Hidden Planets

Track List:

1. Huspave

Dawn of the Second Moon

Sung acapella to the frog chorus of Oregon, the exotic sound of this sound elixir has the otherworldly feel of a planet of deep mystery.

2. Kruganet


Fragile like soft snow, deep and pure as virgin ice, the feminine spirit lies embodied in the vocals and channelled instrumentation.

3. Uvelesbi

Symphony of the Cosmic Wind

The exquisite sensitivity of the vocals, coupled with the moving instrumentation spontaneously played by Almine, has created a musical elixir of unsurpassed, heart-opening beauty.

4. Kaanigvit

Beyond Forever

The Hidden Planets are feminine versus the 12 known planets. The strength of the feminine, coupled with its gentle qualities are found in this elixir.

5. Hubelas

Compassion of the Goddess

The superb vocals stroke the listener. One feels cradled by the ambience of Divine Compassion. This elixir dissolves the burden of past life trauma.

6. Piritnet

Calling the Thunder

This wild and free sound of heart-pounding excitement, has as its purpose the liberation of humanity from the illusion of life being burdensome. It is designed to restore hope and lightness of heart.

7. Vaa-usta

Dance of the Seven Winds

An exciting sound elixir of undulating sensuality for the purpose of dissolving rigid programs of belief systems. It brings back the delight of the adventure of discovery of the cosmic play.

8. Graanuchva

Gathering of the Star Seeds

A superb masterpiece of the Goddess shape-shifting through the veils of existence. This elixir is a dance of timeless mystery.

9. Bru-aret


Brilliant and bright like a shiny gold nugget, this energetic elixir shimmers through its vocals and spontaneously channelled instrumentation played by Almine.

10. Hand Flowers

An eclectic, hypnotizing mixture of the grounded instrumentation and flights of spirit achieved by the hauntingly beautiful vocals.

11. Husvaa

Rise of the Goddess Archetypes

The purple ribbons of twirling light and sound, the voice rises in scales of fifths – an interval that opens the heart to new states of being.

12. Minut

The Talking Drums

The custom of speaking across distances with drum beats, is familiar on Earth among certain Indigenous cultures, as it is on Minut. When we asked why they used drums to communicate, they answered: “From our heart-beat to yours we speak.”

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