The Song of the Ages (48 Sound Elixirs for the Twelve Meridians)

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There are four states, or nuances of expression for each of the Twelve Meridians — something this refined healing tool is able to address.

This epic work recorded by the Seer in a professional studio, has been under the control of a Chinese company and unavailable to us for several years. Now for the first time we are able to offer it for sale to our student base. There are four states, or nuances of expression for each of the Twelve Meridians — something this refined healing tool is able to address. It is highly recommended with the use of the Twelve Meridian Alchemical Oils treatment on the acupressure points, or on its own as background music in your environment.

Sample the music below.


Press play to sample the sound healing music. These samples are all for the 12 Meridians in the realm of the Body (the remaining 36 Elixirs are for the realms of Soul, Lower Spirit, and Higher Spirit).

7 reviews for The Song of the Ages (48 Sound Elixirs for the Twelve Meridians)

  1. 5 out of 5

    Alex Murray (verified owner)

    Will this help to rid ourselves of the Alien spirit as well?

  2. 5 out of 5

    Susan Barnes (verified owner)

    OMGosh – these sound elixirs have just stripped away the illusion of ALL trauma, drama, distortion of the physical grid. It was so subtle I didn’t even know what had occurred until I found myself in absolute FREEDOM… Almine, the gifts you share are extraordinary, magical and peerless! These Songs are power incarnate. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.. what a Divine Blessing. My Love for you, for this Adventure – is unstoppable…

  3. 5 out of 5

    Denise O’Regan (verified owner)

    Almines voice is exquisite – like liquid gold flowing through the senses, gently dissolving layers of illusions. I highly recommend anyone who wants to end suffering avail of these miraculous musical elixirs. Thank you beloved Almine for these healing gems. In Reverence, respect, and gratitude always.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Shoshana Blickstein (verified owner)

    These sound elixirs are musically exquisite and very powerful. I have been listening to the first CD – Meridians for the Body while I am sleeping. I have not even listened to any of the other ones yet. I wake up so refreshed, my body feeling wonderful, grounded and centered and I have a deep sense of clarity and self-empowerment. I look forward to listening to the other recordings. For me, listening to them while sleeping, by passes any resistances that I may have and doing one CD at a time, produces graceful changes. They are amazing. I am so thankful that Almine is able to offer these to us. I have gone to acupuncturists, but never have I seen such results as from using these sound elixirs. Almine understands the deeper purposes of the meridians better than anyone else. I recommend that you look at/buy the book “Bridge of No Time” on for Almine’s in depth information on the meridians. My deepest appreciation for this gift. Thank you.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Olu (verified owner)

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, a million times to Almine and to the Infinite for the availability of this gift at this time.

    I bought this yesterday and have been listening non-stop since. At first I listened to the 4 CDs one after the other, following each with the resolution piece; and now I’m listening according to the meridian clock, and my goodness, how powerful that is! I am yet to use it with the oils (I currently only have their sigils, which I will no doubt try next, alongside with the music, pending physically obtaining the oils).

    I cannot put into words the immense release, peace and freedom I am gradually stepping into. It feels like becoming whole again, like having pieces of myself being glued together. I am starting to feel more like myself, which in itself is a discovery. I also can feel energy flowing newly into areas that were once blocked, and what joy that is! Before now I had been trying to shift the blockages I’d been feeling, by using the Spell for Dissolving Illusions (from the Book of Spells), which has worked immensely for me all year; but I think these elixirs are even more targeted and quite potent too. Indeed “the currents of eternity flow through me”, and with this tool, it is unstoppable and incorruptible, as I release all forms of blockages through illusion. I can sometimes feel slight pain and discomfort in parts of my body that the sound healing is targeting, and sometimes a sense of disorientation too, but I’m learning to ease into it, and just receive in surrendered trust.

    It’s only been about 24 hours – I can’t wait to see how my life unfolds in new expression as I continue to use this. Eternal thanks, and much love to Almine and the team, for this precious gift. <3

  6. 5 out of 5

    Sarah A Murray (verified owner)

    I’ve been listening to these non stop since they released. I cannot seem to get enough of them. 🙂 I have yet to lie down with the oils and listen to them that way but I am being strongly called to do so. So that’s what I will do next.

  7. 5 out of 5

    Jenny Hernandez (verified owner)

    I listened to this for the first time while I slept last night. I had a dream of having many long fluorescent lightbulbs which were interchangeable and were to be inserted into me. I woke up to find that the music had ended, yet I could hear Almine’s voice singing and vibrating through my house. I realize that the lightbulbs symbolize the pranic tube. This music was changing out the old stagnant light for new while I slept. Amazing 🙂

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