The Awakening of Intuitive Abilities


• Instructions + Ceremony Stacks (33 Pages)
• Symbols to Bring Balance to the Cycles (DIY Card Format)
• Angelgod Sigils to Restore Hormonal Balance to Women (DIY Card Format)
Sigil to Bring Balance to the Cycles (52 Symbols Combined)

This is the companion to The Restoration of the Intuitive Nature

Please note: this product is zipped and may therefore require a desktop computer before transferring the contents to a phone or tablet.

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Includes: the Equations for the Female Reproductive System (Ovaries, Fallopian Tubes, Uterus, Vagina), the Male Reproductive System (Penis, Testes, Prostate) and the Equation for the Breasts. Male and female equations must all be placed by the angelgods. Never use only male or female equations in this protocol.

The Awakening of Intuitive Abilities

The sacred nature of the human body has long been suspected. The extent of its sacred powers is unveiled through the ancient teachings of the Rosecrucians; teachings revealed to them from angelic sources. The merging of Belvaspata’s potent cleansing and restorative influences on the reproductive system’s organs, coupled with the Rosecrucian methods of awakening their intuitive abilities is a great blessing to humankind. It has been my most sacred privilege to bring forth this holy information, so that humankind can once again have their multidimensional senses re-awakened and their hyper-sensory perception restored.

The Seer Almine


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